Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge to search?

Nothing — It’s free!

Once you have found my request(s), do I have to buy?

No, there’s never any obligation to buy.

Can I request a search for more than one item?

Yes; send as many search requests as you like.

Can I request a search for the same item in more than one format?

Yes, in fact, it betters the chances of finding the item;
record/tape/CD for music, hardcover/softcover for books.

Can everything be found on CD?

Unfortunately, no. Contrary to what many believe, there are many older recordings that have never been issued in CD format. If that’s the case, we’d hope to locate a cassette or LP.

If I know the artist/author but not the title, or the title but not the artist/author, can you still do the search?

Yes! Just give us any information you have, and we can still search.

Do you ever stop searching for an item?

No – your search request stays in the system.

So you’ve found it — How do I know what condition it’s in?

Included with our quote, you’ll find a grading using the industry standard system.

When I order an item you’ve found for me, how long until I receive it?

Most deliveries take 2-4 weeks. Special orders can take longer.

How do you ship?

Items are shipped via First Class mail. On special request, we can, of course ship by Federal Express or UPS.

What is your return policy?

Items are returnable within 7 days of receipt if not as quoted.